North Beverley Medical Centre

North Beverley Medical Centre

Pighill Lane
Off Woodall Way
HU17 7JY
Telephone: 01482 882546

Medical Emergencies dial 999

Out of Hours:  dial  111

Surgery Opening Times

Monday         08.00 to 18.00

Tuesday         08.00 to 20.00

Wednesday   08.00 to 18.00

Thursday       08.00 to 18.00

Friday             08.00 to 18.00

Saturday        Closed

Sunday           Closed

Phone lines open from 8am to 6pm


What is a Medication Review?

A medication review is a private and confidential meeting between a patient and a GP or other health professional to discuss the medicines being issued on prescription.

Reviews mat be conducted in person or by telephone. The aim is to ensure that prescribing is effective and continues to be safe.  The reviewer will consider any tests that have been undertaken and listen to the patient's views on how the medications are working.   The patient will have the opportunity to ask questions and their agreement sought for any changes. The review will be recorded in the patient's medical records.

Failure to participate in a medication review could result in the restriction of certain medications. This is to prevent the possibility of harm through a failure to assess the risk of continuing with that medication.  Patient refusal to participate in a medication review could lead to their being asked to register with another practice. This would be considered if it were judged that the doctor & patient relationship had irretrievably broken-down or if prescribing safety was being compromised by the patient's refusal to participate or failure to communicate in arranging a review.
Preparing for a Medication Review

Note down a list of medications that you are taking:

  • Prescribed medicines
  • Medications that have been stopped
  • Any medicines that were obtained over the counter in a pharmacy, other retail outlet or on-line - including herbal medicines.

Possible questions to ask the doctor or other health professional

Here are some possible questions/clarifications as a guide:

  • Why am I taking this medication
  • Will I always have to take the medication/s?
  • What is the dosage and frequency?
  • What if I stop taking the medication?
  • If I miss a dose, what should I do?
  • How will I know the medications are working as hoped?
  • Are there any medicines I should avoid taking?
  • If I have problems with the medication, what should I do?

Once the medication review is completed:

  • The details of the medication review will be added to your medical record.
  • Your regular GP will be advised of the agreed changes.
  • If required, any tests or referrals will be agreed and organised.
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